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If you are merchant, agency or advertiser we could help you with lead generation. We are specialists in lead generation and have a number of methods of generating leads.

We can generate leads for you via:

  • Affiliate Programs - as an affiliate network we can create and promote an affiliate program for you through our affiliates.
  • Data – we have email data and can send emails out for your program.
  • Web Services – we work with many partners who post lead data into our web services. We can then POST this web service data to you.
  • Micro Sites – we can create bespoke micro sites for you.

Affiliate programs

As an affiliate network we have access to hundreds of affiliate partners. We can add your campaign/program to our network and offer it out to affiliates to generate leads for your affiliate program. If you don't currently have an affiliate program we can create one for you. We regularly design and build email and banner creatives for clients. We also create microsites and test sites for our merchants. We currently have over 75 affiliate programs on our network so we have the experience and knowledge to help deliver real results and quality leads for your campaign.


We work with data partners to send out emails for your campaign. The email list is fully third-party opted in. Therefore your campaign could be sent to a email list of millions, potentially generating great returns for you.

Web services

We have a wide range of web services available which allows us to post LIVE leads to you directly. For example we currently work with a loan supplier where our web service processes the live lead data and then posts directly to our merchant partner. We have a variety of delivery methods available.

We can deliver leads via:

  • Email
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • XML

Micro sites

If you don’t have a web presence or don’t have the ability to handle leads then we can set up a micro site for you and send leads to you via email, FTP, SFTP or whatever method you would prefer. We can also design and build microsites to test new marketing messages or shorter/longer forms and run test campaigns to them for you.

The microsite can contain information pages about your campaign and you can have full control over the look and feel off the microsite.

The form will be fully validated to ensure that you only get the leads you want. We offer a full postcode, email, telephone and mobile validation service if required which can help to improve the lead quality.

One such microsite we have created is called Fix My Debt Problems (https://www.fixmydebtproblems.co.uk). This was set up to deliver debt management leads to various lead buyers. The leads are delivered by API.

There is no charge to join our network